Do what moves you. Say what you feel. Don't be afraid to be who you are based on some notion of what is acceptable behavior and what's not.


Rightttt. Lets correct these:

"Atheists - Someone who believes nothing made everything. A scientific impossibility."

Atheists deny the existence of god(s), and therefore know that this universe was not created by one. Does that mean nothing created it because “god” didn’t? Is nothing the opposite of god? Is purple the opposite of potato chips? Just because some terribly flawed, self-centered invisible man didn’t create the universe, doesn’t mean that there are not other explanations. A couple examples are the Big Bang Theory or Steady State Theory. Personally I do not adhere to any one theory and I am not sure if we will ever know the origins of the universe, but I believe the theories we have now make a lot more sense due to the fact that they have reasonable knowledge backing them on why they may be true. According to the bible, god created light on the first day… but didn’t create stars until the fourth. Where do we get light? The sun. What is the sun? A star. …Yup, totally makes sense.

In addition, as a creationist you cannot use science in your argument, as there is no science involved in the explanation of god creating everything we know. The idea that there is an invisible dude creating stuff, impregnating married virgins, and is actually his son and yet not his son and also some sort of spirit/ghost, is a scientific impossibility.

"Attention: Lunatic Atheists…Anti-God is Anti-American, Anti-American is Treason, Traitors Led to Civil War"

-To not believe in god does not mean someone is “Anti-God”, that would fall more so under the definition of an anti-theist. While it is common for atheists to also be anti-theists, that does not mean it is always the case. If I do not believe that dragons are real, does that mean I am anti-dragon? FUCK NO! I LOVE DRAGONS… or at least the idea of dragons. Ok, I want a pet dragon.
-If you were not aware, being an American simply means you were born in (or are a citizen of) America. Just because there is not a god does not mean I am openly hostile to this country. America is not god. It makes me laugh that according to some, being a christian similarly correlates with being a patriot, and if you are not a christian, you fucking hate America. This does not make sense. While it is totally possible to be an atheist and hate the policies/govt of this country (as once you bother to educate yourself, you keep finding out more new information that you had once denied or had been unknown to you), they do not always correlate. Just because I like the puppies and someone else likes puppies doesn’t mean our worldviews are the same.
-Treason, by definition, is the attempt to overthrow one’s government or kill its sovereign. If one truly is anti-American, meaning they hate this country’s policies/govt/whatever, does that mean they are personally trying to bring it down? No. If I don’t like barbie dolls, am I going to go bomb all the barbie doll factories? No.
-The civil war was caused because the south wanted to secede and become their own country. That was not “treason”. They did not attempt to overthrow the government and take over all of America, they simply wanted to be their own country. I am not talking about slavery or any of the other fucked up shit that happened during that time period. I am simply talking about the cause of the civil war, which was NOT treason.

So to say that atheists led to the civil war makes absolutely no fucking sense. It is quite possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard, besides Britney Spears being a good singer, Newt Gingrich running for the presidency, or dinosaurs not being real.